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    Put guest comfort first with lighting that supports wellness

    Good lighting is essential to well-being. Scientifically validated bio-adaptive lighting recipes enhance your guests' sense of comfort during their stay. Reduce light levels in the evening to promote better sleep and provide low-level illumination on the way to the bathroom at night to minimize sleep disruption. Then simulate a natural wake-up experience at the start of the day, and energize guests in the breakfast area and the gym. A 2019 Ipsos study confirms that hotel guests are positively impacted by a customized lighting experience.


    Wind down for a restful night of sleep

    In the evening, dimmed light supports the production of melatonin – sometimes called the hormone of darkness – which regulates sleep patterns, helping us unwind and fall asleep easily. At night, the panel light is turned off to avoid any light pollution.

    A smarter night light

    Around 35% of guests leave a bathroom light on at night to orientate themselves when they wake up. With our smart night light technology, the floor surface is softly illuminated when you step out of bed, providing safe navigation with a gentle wake-up for minimal sleep disruption.

    Make waking up easier

    Guests can set a wake-up alarm and lighting will simulate a sunrise to wake them up more naturally with steadily increasing light, helping guests feel refreshed and more energized.

    Wellness in the bathroom

    Light grazing and wall washing creates scenes that help guests to relax or feel more energized. Diffused light windows embedded in the mirror provide shadow-free light to aid the morning routine. One touch lighting scenes simulate cool daylight or warm evening light.

    How Bio-adaptive lighting works

    LED luminaires equipped with Tunable White technology can be controlled to emit specific light levels and color temperatures. In combination with proven light recipes, the system gradually changes the light color and intensity levels during the day in sync with the human circadian rhythm.
    Creating great memories with Interact Hospitality Bio-adaptive lighting

    Open APIs 

    Open, secure APIs enable two-way communication for next generation user interfaces for in-room and bring-your-own devices to set your wake-up light or change the lighting scene. APIs can also enable voice service and other digital communication with the room.

    Featured case study

    Swissotel - Enhancing the guest experience

    Swissotel - Enhancing the guest experience

    With Interact Hospitality, Swissotel The Stamford in Singapore can personalize the guest experience while increasing staff efficiency, saving energy, and meeting sustainability goals.

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