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    How to specify Interact Industry

    Explore the power of IoT lighting and data

    With IoT lighting systems, industrial facilities become more efficient, more productive, safer, and altogether more intelligent. Interact Industry is a wireless, cloud-based, connected lighting system capable of sensing and acquiring data.

    Whether you’re an engineer, lighting designer or architect, you can enhance your offering with Interact Industry. Interact Industry uses connected LED luminaires, sensors, and other connected devices with established networking and cloud architectures to add intelligence to all illuminated spaces throughout a facility.

    Benefits of Interact Industry

    Energy saving icon
    Maximize energy savings with energy-efficient LED luminaires and intelligent controls
    Data-rich insight icon
    Optimize efficiency and productivity with data-rich insight into operations and activities
    Asset security icon
    Enable preventive maintenance to ensure that lighting is always functioning at its best
    Data analytics icon
    Ensure compliance and plan maintenance with real-time, data-based insights
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    Enhance safety by delivering the right levels of light when and where needed
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    Create new apps and integrations with open, secure APIs and developer portal

    Components of an Interact Industry system


    Interact Industry systems can host sensors to collect data about the illuminated environment: motion, light levels, occupancy, people counting, temperature, humidity, air quality, and more. Positioning and density of sensors depends on ceiling height, configuration of space, and other factors.

    Standard networking architecture

    Wireless gateways, deployed within a company’s standard IT infrastructure, communicate with connected devices via Zigbee. The system uses a bridge to connect with the Interact IoT platform in the cloud. Interact software applications offer Web-based system management, operations, and control.

    Wireless communications

    Compatible connected devices use wireless communications, based on the Zigbee 3.0 open standard, to participate in a mesh network. The networks is self-healing, so the system continues to operate even if an individual device fails.

    Open APIs

    Open, secure APIs accessible through the Web-based Interact Developer Portal allow system integrators and application developers to extend Interact with new capabilities, and to integrate Interact data and commands with other connected systems.

    Connected devices

    Interact Industry works with a wide range of connected luminaires, lamps, and sensors from Philips and other participating brands.
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    System components

    Find out more about enhancing your client’s offering with Interact and request access to tender text.

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