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    Specifying Interact connected lighting systems

    Bringing light and data together


    LED technology, the biggest news in illumination since the Edison lightbulb, transformed the lighting industry in the 2010s.


    As if that wasn’t disruptive enough, connected lighting is transforming lighting once again. Now lighting specifiers who want to stay on the leading edge must have a working knowledge of information technology, from networking to data communications to cloud computing and other disciplines within the Internet of Things (IoT).


    Interact is the reliable and experienced partner who can help you navigate the brave new landscape of IoT lighting.

    Why specify Interact?

    As the proof points for IoT lighting rise and the prices for hardware continue to fall, connected lighting will soon be the new normal. As the world’s leading software provider for IoT lighting, Interact gives you the means, tools, and information you need to succeed.
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    Stay on the leading edge of new lighting technology
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    Expand to new customer segments and new types of data-driven projects
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    Take advantage of new  collaboration opportunities—IT, HR, integrators, and more
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    Use lighting systems to help your customers realize new value beyond illumination
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    Differentiate yourself from competitors
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    Participate in sustainability, zero energy, and zero carbon initiatives

    How to specify Interact

    We provide you with all the information and documentation you need to successfully specify Interact as part of a complete connected lighting system for your client’s specific business vertical:


    • Benefits, proof points, and customer stories
    • Detailed system architecture diagrams
    • Links to information on all system hardware, software, and services
    • System and user guides for deployment, operation, integration with other connected systems
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    Interact Office

    Create a sustainable smart workspace with connected LED lighting and data-enabled insights into activities and operations
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    Interact Industry

    Create a smart warehouse or manufacturing facility to improve efficiency, productivity, and safety
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    Interact Retail

    Create a smart retail store of any size to boost operational efficiency, enhance shopper experience, and manage energy usage across multiple locations

    See how our customers create value with Interact

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      Smart office lighting – Cisco Toronto

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      IoT-based connected lighting – Copenhagen

    • Smart office, IoT-based lighting

      Smart office, IoT-based lighting

    What can Interact do for you?

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