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    Interact Pro for

    Lighting  that  adjusts  to  time  of   day,  workspace,  task  and  worker.

    Give  your  building  the  wow  factor  with  beautiful  customized  lighting.  Empower  employees  to  adapt  workspaces  to  be  more  comfortable  with  a  smartphone  app  that  personalizes  lighting  to  suit  their  eyesight,  activity  or  location.  Your  lighting  can  dynamically  dim  and  brighten  to  match  ambient  daylight.  And  with  the  ability  to  manage,  schedule  and  automate  lighting,  you  can  save  on  maintenance  and  energy  costs  to  meet  your  sustainability  targets. 
    Smart lighting for SME

    Benefits for every business



    Attract the best with

    the perfect workplace

    Industrial spaces

    Industrial spaces

    Energize your warehouse or

    factory and boost efficiency

    Parking garages

    Parking garages

    Create responsive and

    responsible parking areas

    Customer stories

    Magma office
    Magma offices wanted lighting that underlines their image of sustainability and innovation.
    Witt & Kleyer
    Interact Pro enabled Witt & Kleyer to deliver comfortable light levels to their staff through connected lighting.
    Pelling office
    Pelling office was stunned by how much energy they saved – this project will pay for itself within 2 years.

    Think smart lighting is just for big business?

    Installation is fast, easy and cable-free.




    Your installer can set you up quickly with up to 200 light points. Start with one area and expand to include more areas later.


    Using the Interact Pro app, your installer can activate your lighting system in minutes and set your energy-saving automation schedules.




    With everything connected, your staff can download and use the Interact Pro smartphone app.


    Your staff can use this app to adjust their workspace lighting to their personal preferences.


    You can monitor and manage your lighting remotely from the Interact Pro dashboard and app. Or you can leave this up to your installer.
    smart lighting for SMEs

    Smart lighting for SMEs

    According to IDC’s latest Market Perspective, Signify addresses the needs of end users (SMEs), as well as installers and distributors with Interact Pro; the first cloud-based solution for SMEs, offering wireless installation. “Interact Pro is a potential game changer for the SME market, capable of approaching the needs of distributors, installers and end users,” said Marta Munoz, European Research Director and IoT Practice lead at IDC.

    Is your business ready for smart lighting?

    Use our checklist to assess your business priorities and see how smart lighting can help achieve your business success.

    Learn more about Interact Pro connected lighting and software for SME

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    Interact Pro software and installation

    Interact Pro software and installation

    Find out more about the Interact Pro system, what’s possible with the software, as well as the easy installation and commissioning.
    Interact Pro works seamlessly with Philips

    Interact Pro works seamlessly with Philips 

    Interact Ready luminaires, lamps and sensors.