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    A smarter office with
    Interact Office software

    Beca Office


    Beca is one of Asia Pacific’s largest engineering and technology consultancies. They have implemented Interact Office in their Digital Innovation Hub, enabling them to have a first-hand experience. In this space they road-test technologies leveraging the Internet of Things, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and many more.

    As smart building technology advisors, we need to walk in our clients’ reality. Having experienced the technology firsthand as end-users allows us to provide pragmatic and valuable implementation advice.”

    - Steve Perkins, Senior Technical Director, Technical Fellow & Smart Buildings Leader, Beca

    Customer challenge

    At BECA we pride ourselves on our innovative, yet pragmatic engineering advice. As smart building technologies continue to evolve, we want to co-innovate with leading companies such as Signify, allowing us to understand the technology at a practical level. Conversely, our partners can gain insights into how designers and end-users would use their solution.


    Implementation challenges, cybersecurity and privacy concerns will inadvertently arise when deploying a smart building solution, so its important that we create a safe space for our teams to learn. 

    Creating an office of the future

    There were valuable practical lessons such as training the chatbot "Charlotte" on how people speak and overcoming privacy issues when the chatbot had to look up employees’ Outlook to analyze their room booking habits.


    The Interact Office APIs and secure cloud-based system enabled quick sharing of data and integrated applications to spruce up the deployment. These sensors worked to ensure that meeting room usage was optimal and data was shared with the chatbot to communicate with all users. The occupants of the space were able to control and interact with the lighting infrastructure from the comfort of their phones.


    Getronics trained the chatbot to communicate with the lighting and meeting room management systems to deliver an outstanding UI for users. Users can now easily communicate with the building infrastructure using any standard messaging application on their smartphones, all this with complete security and authentication.


    Having implemented the technology as an end-user, it allows Beca to better advise their clients during their own smart buildings journey. They have since designed smart lighting solutions in more than 50,000m2 of commercial space.

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