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    Interact Sports

    Future-ready stadium with the best fan experiences


    Smart stadiums and great fan experiences start with Interact Sports. With Interact Sports you can manage all your lighting—including pitch and entertainment lighting, the stadium façade and hospitality areas. Add IoT sensors to improve operations or marketing efforts. Entertain fans with customized light shows before, during and after the main event. Attract sponsors through new unique advertisement opportunities. Interact Sports enables flexible, multi- purpose venues that can generate new revenue streams, attract different types of events and create new business opportunities.

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    What is possible?

    Interact Sports software applications are specifically designed to bring together connected lighting systems and the data that those systems collect with your other smart city solutions.
    lighting asset management

    Lighting management


    Easily monitor and control connected lighting across all areas of your stadium. Using Interact Sports Lighting management you can ensure the optimal lighting performance across bowl, entertainment shows, and concourses.

    scene management

    Scene management


    Transform your stadium into a premium multipurpose venue with Interact Sports Scene management. Control your lighting to create stand-out fan experiences that wow audiences before, during and after the main event.

    bio adaptive

    Bio-adaptive lighting


    Improve athlete focus and wellbeing with bio-adaptive lighting in the locker room that can be adjusted to energize, increase concentration, or relax players and athletes. Interact Sports uses connected lighting to augment your smart stadium sports science program.

    Interact Sports dashboard

    Monitor, manage, and optimize connected lighting across your entire stadium from dedicated Interact Sports dashboards.  Manage both your venue and your audience as efficiently as possible using accurate data and insights.

    Interact Sports APIs

    Open APIs enable integration with other data sources and stadium systems. You can give partners and third parties access to the Interact data to build additional applications and services to drive innovation in fan experience or stadium operations.
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