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    Make your retail stores smart

    Manage store lighting efficiently with Interact Retail 

    With Lighting management software, you can take complete control of your lighting across individual or multiple stores – from anywhere, at any time. An intuitive dashboard provides insight into lighting usage and allows you to optimize lighting operations remotely.


    Full flexibility

    If your store layout changes, or during promotions or holiday seasons, you can easily re-configure the lighting to suit and support layout changes. Authorized staff can easily commission and re-commission luminaires using the Lighting management software without the help of specialized engineers.

    Central control from anywhere

    The cloud-based Lighting management software allows you to monitor and control your retail lighting from anywhere at any time. You can view, compare and control multiple areas in single or multiple stores.

    Reduce cost

    No need to send specialized engineers to stores to adjust lighting settings. Managing operations via the lighting management dashboard will reduce energy use and save money.

    Failure detection

    The software provides remote visibility into broken lights or other issues with the lighting grid. Schedule lighting maintenance in advance to reduce downtime or act quickly in case of an outage.

    How Lighting management works

    LED lighting is connected via a standard wired or wireless network so that data from the light points can be collected via the connected lighting infrastructure and visualized on a dashboard accessible from any networked device. The software can also be used to trigger lighting changes or schedules using the connected lighting infrastructure. The cloud-based dashboard can display real-time and historical data, enabling you to compare, monitor and manage your lighting from a single location. As new locations are acquired, or old ones let go, they are added or removed from the dashboard, meaning it’s future-ready and scalable. 

    Open APIs

    APIs allows Lighting management functionality to be integrated with other store IT systems, simplifying operations and reducing complexity for staff. APIs also enable you to share the lighting data with third parties who could create additional software apps or services to further improve your business operations.

    Simple and secure user interface

    An intuitive and easy-to-use interface enables authorized staff members to manage store lighting without specialist lighting skills. In-app access rights and permissions enable you to manage access to different functionality at all levels of the application.

    Featured case study

    Albert Heijn XL case study

    Albert Heijn XL

    See how Albert Heijn has reduced energy costs with smart lighting enabled by Interact Retail software, while delivering a superior, engaging in-store experience for customers.

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