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    Scene management

    Improve worker safety and performance

    Improve productivity and operational safety through light settings that can be adapted to task, time of day, or shift patterns. Interact Industry Scene management lets you program connected lighting remotely by area, schedule, or activity. Create an energizing smart warehouse or factory environment while improving safety and quality control.


    Different activities, different lighting

    Different activities require different lighting intensity depending on the task and time of day. During working hours, lights can be programmed to illuminate at 100% when activity is detected. But during non-working hours, 10% lighting intensity is sufficient for the security guard to make a tour of the premises. Create lighting schedules to suit your business. Program lights to turn on, dim or turn off at specific times, ensuring you deliver quality light when it’s needed.

    The right light for every task

    Ensure employee safety and production quality with the right light levels for all tasks in your facility.  Scene management software enables you to set light scenes for a specific work bench or zone improving employee comfort, enhancing safety and supporting your quality efforts.

    How Scene management works

    Connected LED luminaires throughout the building can be controlled remotely via software which triggers light scenes and effects over the connected lighting system. An intuitive dashboard provides an overview of the lighting infrastructure, enabling you to select and customize light behavior. Schedules will help you to automatically trigger the right behavior at the right time for the entire floor or a specific area.  
    Lighting scene management video

    Open APIs

    Open, secure APIs enable the integration of Scene management software with other building management and IT systems or dashboards, allowing lighting to be synchronized with other activities. The APIs also enable you to share access to the lighting control data with approved third parties and software developers who could create additional apps or services to drive further innovation in your facility.

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