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    Energy optimization

    Reduce energy bill with smart connected rooms

    Heating, HVAC and lighting typically account for over 60% of a hotel’s energy consumption. Linking HVAC, lighting, heating and power operations to a property management system and data from smart occupancy sensors help to optimize energy usage in guest rooms. Research with Cundall shows that implementing Interact Hospitality in the guest rooms brings energy savings of more than 25%.


    Automated room temperature 

    Ensure the room heating or air conditioning is always as efficient as possible without compromising guests’ comfort and preference. 

    Award your guest for going green

    Allow guests to opt in to energy savings with a single tap on the thermostat. Green mode moves the temperature set point or deadband to an optimized mode. Guests are thanked for their support directly on the display. This can be linked directly to loyalty.

    Conserve energy with Balcony Link

    Conserve energy by disabling HVAC either immediately or after a timed delay when a balcony door is opened. Employees can view real-time balcony door and thermostat status using a central dashboard.

    Truly representative temperatures

    Each of our guest panels has an integrated temperature sensor, giving us an average of multiple readings from various locations. For the first time, HVAC is based on a truly representative picture – not just the reading from one thermostat.

    How Energy optimization works

    Using data from occupancy sensors in guest rooms and information from property management systems, Interact Hospitality Energy optimization software automatically adjusts room conditions to optimize energy usage based on the room status. Checked-in rooms and occupied rooms, for example, require different conditions to unsold rooms. The system conserves energy by reducing systems such as HVAC, power and lighting, as well as closing motorized curtains in unoccupied rooms.
    Interact Hospitality How Energy optimization works

    Featured case study

    Swissotel - Enhancing the guest experience

    Swissotel - Enhancing the guest experience

    With Interact Hospitality, Swissotel The Stamford in Singapore can personalize the guest experience while increasing staff efficiency, saving energy, and meeting sustainability goals.

    Software partners


    Oracle Opera PMS – Gold Certified Partner

    By linking Interact Hospitality to Oracle Opera, check-in status can directly influence room conditions, conserving energy in unsold rooms.  Interact Hospitality can also store guest preferences during a stay and restore default settings before the next guest arrives.

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