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    Indoor navigation and location analytics

    Unlock the full potential of your retail space

    Interact Retail Indoor navigation supports personalized, convenient shopping and new staff efficiencies. Hyper-accurate indoor positioning, powered by technology embedded in LED luminaires, enables location-based services such as wayfinding, aisle-side promotions, and shopper assistance requests, and supports staff efficiency with improved workflows. Use data collected on shopper and staff traffic flows and behavior to improve store layout and operations. Our solution is endorsed by retail technology partners.
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    Benefits for shoppers

    Seamless digital integration

    Offer an engaging shopper journey that seamlessly integrates your store mobile apps with in-store experiences.

    Increased convenience

    Use your store app to help shoppers locate products and navigate to them in the store. Enable shoppers to access instant customer support when needed using their smartphone. 

    Personalized experience

    Personalize the in-store experience by sending shoppers relevant promotions and notifications in the right location and at the right time, such as special offers or healthy recipe suggestions.

    Benefits for retailers

    Boost sales

    Use location-based promotions to engage with shoppers, increase dwell-time, as well as cross and up-sell specific products. Avoid losing out on sales by providing shoppers with product search and wayfinding features.

    Aid employee efficiency

    Use data to speed up order picking, provide the shortest routes for restocking and identify the optimal shelf layout. Quickly identify which employees should respond to shopper requests and tag maintenance and cleaning issues based on location.

    Understand your customers 

    Use the location data generated by the Indoor navigation software to analyze shopper traffic and behavior. Optimize store operations and analyze the impact of in-store marketing events.

    How indoor navigation works

    Interact Indoor navigation software enables a mobile application to access the real-time and accurate indoor geo-location of a mobile device via technology in the lighting. The software can use several inputs such as Visible Light Communication (VLC) and Bluetooth-Low-Energy (BLE) as well as phone sensors to determine the location and direction of travel of the device. VLC allows the software to locate the phone within 30 cm/1 ft accuracy.
    Interact Indoor navigation parter program



    • In-hand Visible Light Communication (VLC): 30 cm accurate positioning
    • In-pocket Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE): 2-3 m accurate positioning
    Interact Indoor navigation parter program



    • No additional infrastructure
    • No batteries
    Interact Indoor navigation parter program



    • Hardware investment can be earned back with energy savings
    • ‘Pay as you go’ model for software

    No additional hardware to install 

    With Interact Retail Indoor navigation, there’s no need for any additional installations – the only requirement is to use luminaires with VLC and/or BLE. 

    Safety and privacy guaranteed

    Interact Retail Indoor navigation is designed to ensure privacy; the system will not request nor store user-related data, such as name, IP address or OS-generated IDs or any other back traceable item.
    Interact Retail Indoor navigation video

    Data-based insights

    Phone location information gathered from the indoor navigation system is stored in the cloud. Retailers can use the anonymized data on shopper behavior to further optimize and improve the store layout or measure the impact of marketing events and promotions. 

    Indoor navigation SDK and APIs

    The software development kit (SDK) for Indoor navigation  provides a number of luminaires and APIs to enable customer in-house teams or third-party developers to integrate indoor navigation into existing apps or build a new offering. By using the SDK (iOS and Android) and cloud services and cloud services, developers can embed the positioning capabilities into building apps to deliver instant location-based services.

    Partnering with Interact

    Interact Indoor navigation parter program

    Interact Indoor navigation partner program

    We’re partnering with innovative technology companies to help you transform the shopper experience within your stores using indoor navigation. 
    YellowDot program

    YellowDot program

    The YellowDot program is a luminaire certification program that allows lighting manufacturers to test and certify that their LED luminaires are interoperable with Interact Retail Indoor navigation software.

    Featured case studies

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    What’s the best way to transform a store? How do you know what will and won't work? How can you collect data to enrich the shopping experience and bridge the online and offline worlds? This white paper helps retailers answer these and more questions.
    Indoor navigation white paper

    Indoor navigation white paper

    We commissioned research among shoppers in the US, France and the Netherlands in an effort to identify what shoppers value in retailers’ mobile store apps, and what location-based services they would like to see included in these apps.

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