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    Run your stores more efficiently, sustainably and reliably

    Greater control and flexibility with multisite management

    Multisite management allows you to monitor and manage multiple stores and retail distribution centers remotely from a single dashboard.


    It gives you insights into energy savings and lighting failures, and allows you to manage lighting schedules and scenes for your chain of stores.

    Benefits of multisite management

    Improve operations

    Drive continuous improvement with data that enables you to better plan and execute maintenance. Improve lighting uptime with insights into the status of the lighting across all of your stores, including individual luminaires. Also understand which store performs best and deploy learnings to other stores.

    Save energy

    Lower costs by monitoring energy consumption in all of your stores and use the data to optimize light settings across all locations. Reduce food waste by limiting light exposure to perishable goods during stocking and cleaning. 

    Increase flexibility and control

    Easily deploy changes in business or stocking hours across multiple locations during holidays or special events. Adapt schedules and lighting output across all stores based on predicted energy costs to avoid peak demand charges.

    Enhance store and brand consistency

    Set lighting scenes to suit different events or sales and centrally check and harmonize light settings across multiple locations.

    How multisite management works

    Cost-efficient and easy to use, Interact Retail multisite management makes central lighting control more accessible than ever before. LED lighting is connected via a standard wired or wireless network so that data from the light points can be collected via the connected lighting infrastructure and visualized on a centralized dashboard. The cloud-based dashboard enables you to compare, monitor and manage your lighting across multiple stores from a single location.

    Manage scenes, energy usage and lighting across multiple sites

    Interact Retail Scene management icon

    Scene management

    Beautiful quality light is essential to a great retail experience. With Interact Retail Scene management you can create memorable experiences, influence shopper behavior, create stopping power and improve product presentation and shelf life. All with full flexibility to update with the seasons, events or in-store classes. Connected lighting that keeps you future-ready.
    Interact Retail Energy optimization icon

    Energy optimization

    Interact Retail Energy optimization reduces your lighting-based energy consumption by 20-25% through smart dimming scenarios, and lets you monitor energy consumption data in real-time through a user-friendly dashboard.
    Interact Retail Lighting management icon

    Lighting management

    Optimize operations with valuable insights into system status, including outage and fault notifications. Maintenance is simple with flexible architecture and Service Tag option, where each luminaire is uniquely identifiable, providing maintenance, installation and spare part information. The option of pre-configured lighting controls ensures ease of installation.
    Signify’s connected lighting helps M&S run its operations image

    Connected lighting and multisite management help Marks & Spencer run its operations more effectively

    Vetted by the retail giant, Interact Retail multisite management allows the company to centralize lighting management and deploy changes to all connected locations.

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