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    Interact Retail

    Light up your store with new experiences


    Store lighting. It’s everywhere. What if it could support new operational efficiencies, enhanced store experience and generate data for in-depth retail analytics. Interact Retail enabled by connected LED lighting lets you do all this and more. Create stunning and flexible retail spaces, trigger specific shopper behaviors through zoning and layers of light, deliver location-based offers to shoppers on their smart phone via your store app. Now that’s smart retail.

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    What is possible

    Interact Retail software applications are specifically designed to bring together connected lighting systems and the data that those systems collect with your other smart retail solutions.
    scene management

    Scene management


    Beautiful quality light is essential to a great retail experience. With Interact Retail Scene management you can create memorable experiences, influence shopper behavior, create stopping power and improve product presentation and shelf life. All with full flexibility to update with the seasons, events or in-store classes. Connected lighting that keeps you future-ready.

    indoor navigation

    Indoor navigation


    Bring the benefits of digital shopping into the store with Interact Retail Indoor navigation and location analytics. Transform the shopping experience and enhance staff efficiency while uncovering valuable insights. 

    lighting management

    Energy optimization

    Interact Retail Energy optimization reduces your lighting-based energy consumption by 20-25% through smart dimming scenarios, and lets you monitor energy consumption data in real-time through a user-friendly dashboard.
    lighting management

    Lighting management

    Optimize operations with valuable insights into system status, including outage and fault notifications. Maintenance is simple with flexible architecture and Service Tag option, where each luminaire is uniquely identifiable, providing maintenance, installation and spare part information. The option of pre-configured lighting controls ensures ease of installation.

    Interact Retail dashboard

    Remotely monitor, manage and control the connected lighting across all areas of your store or a chain of stores through a single Interact Retail dashboard. Use real-time data insights to operate your store more efficiently, improve store layout and provide memorable store experiences.

    Interact Retail APIs

    Open APIs enable us to work with a wide range of partners and combine their complementary products and services with our technology. We also offer a luminaire certification program, to allow manufacturers to test and certify that their LED luminaires are interoperable with Interact Retail Indoor navigation.

    Interact Retail works with LED lighting from Philips

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    Philips LED lighting keeps the supermarket aisles bright and food looking fresh, while controls and scheduling can help reduce energy costs and improve operational efficiency.
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    The right lighting can transform your store, ensure maximum layout flexibility, showcase your merchandise, help you engage with customers, and convert them into buyers.

    Let us take care of your lighting

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    Optimize your energy and maintenance costs to benefit from a solid return on investment with Managed services from Signify.

    IoT Insights

    The customer at the center

    The customer at the center

    While retail navigates disruptions to the model that defined it for generations, life is better than ever for individual consumers. Find out why in our latest smart retail trend report.
    • The rise of the health-conscious shopper

      The rise of the health-conscious shopper

      Today’s shoppers are in a hurry. They don’t have time to wander aimlessly around—they want immediate access to exactly what they are looking for. Additionally, the current generation of shoppers is more health-conscious than ever before. This is driving them to search for products that match up to their healthy lifestyle

    • The importance of true personalization in retail

      The importance of true personalization in retail

      This article looks at the increased demand from consumers for a truly personalized experience from retailers in exchange for sharing their data. What do retailers need to consider?

    • The evolution of retail is driven by innovation

      The evolution of retail is driven by innovation

      The world of retail is evolving, with digital natives—of all ages—taking over. So you need to update and adapt—or in other words, be the retailer or brand your customers can’t live without.

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