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    Keep your employees healthy and comfortable

    Good environmental conditions are paramount for employee health, well-being, comfort and safety in offices. Interact Office Environmental monitoring alerts you to fluctuations in temperature or humidity, allowing you to immediately adjust conditions. It helps you to manage and deliver the optimal environmental conditions for your office spaces, because when your employees are healthy, they perform at their best.


    Data at your fingertips

    Collect data on temperature and humidity levels
    across your office portfolio via sensors embedded in the connected lighting system. View the status via an Environmental monitoring dashboard and take corrective action if required.

    Reduce environmental related ailments

    Employee discomfort and ill health can be linked to a poor quality office environment. Higher indoor temperature and relative humidity correlate with sneezing, skin redness, itchy eyes, headaches and eye pain. Keep your employees comfortable and healthy so they can work at their best through monitoring the office environment and taking corrective action.

    Create the ideal working environment for employees

    Employees are one of the biggest investments for any business – keeping them comfortable and healthy is critical. Using real-time data from Environmental monitoring software, ensures you can provide an environment that supports their well-being.

    How Environmental monitoring works

    Sensor slots inside LED luminaires can be equipped with temperature and humidity sensors to provide a cost-efficient way of leveraging the lighting infrastructure to create a dense sensor grid. The sensors collect real-time data on the environment which can be integrated with other building management systems such as HVAC  to trigger direct environmental control. Data can be analysed for further optimisation of climate control systems.

    Open APIs 

    Share temperature and humidity data with third-party software applications or building management system using open, secure API.  Allow the environmental data collected via the sensors to trigger real-time control of heating ventilation and air conditioning throughout your building.

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