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    Interact Office

    Turn your office into a smart office

    Support employee performance and reduce time wasted with Interact Office software and system architecture to help employees find free meeting rooms or an available workspace, and enable them to personalise lighting. Then use occupancy insights to see where and how people prefer to work, opening your eyes to potential for energy and space savings, and efficiency gains. Simply install LED connected lighting from Philips with embedded IoT sensors, and use Interact Office software and insights to increase building efficiency and optimise space to create a sustainable smart office.
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    What is possible

    Interact Office software applications are specifically designed to bring together connected lighting systems and the data that those systems collect with your other smart office solutions.
    Lighting management

    Lighting management


    Take full control of office lighting across one building or your entire property portfolio. A dashboard delivers insight into lighting usage, so you can make data-based decisions to optimise lighting and reduce associated costs.

    Energy optimization

    Energy optimisation


    Gain an in-depth understanding of lighting energy usage across your office space. Use these insights to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

    scene management

    Scene management


    Set light schedules or dimming programmes to deliver the right light at the right time, improving employee comfort and performance. Enhance well-being by supporting personalised lighting control via a smart phone app.

    space management

    Space management


    Capture and analyse building occupancy data to understand how space is being used. Use insights from the data to create a workspace that meets your needs and lower real estate costs without compromising employee experience.

    indoor navigation

    Indoor navigation


    Where exactly is the nearest free workspace or meeting room? What about the coffee machine? Or the IT help desk? Interact Office uses the lighting infrastructure and real-time occupancy data to guide your employees wherever they need to go. Hyper-accurate indoor navigation opens up a host of additional applications and improves employee performance and experience.

    bio-adaptive lighting

    Bio-adaptive lighting


    Interact Office Bio-adaptive lighting helps you to get the best out of your biggest investment: your people. Different levels of light intensity and color temperatures can support well-being, help to energize staff and enhance performance by supporting the body's circadian rhythm.

    Environmental monitoring

    Interact Office Environmental monitoring lets you remotely monitor and manage temperature and humidity levels across your offices and optimise conditions for employee well-being and comfort.
    Lighting asset management

    Lighting asset management


    Manage your facility’s lighting maintenance more efficiently. Remote diagnostics allow for planned predictive and swift reactive maintenance, while firmware and software updates can be installed automatically.

    Interact Office dashboard

    Monitor, manage and optimise lighting across your entire office portfolio from a single Interact Office dashboard. Greater Insight and transparency across your organisation enables you to optimise operations and costs while improving sustainability.

    Interact Office APIs

    Open APIs for third-party software applications enable the integration and utilisation of information such as realtime occupancy, with other data sources. And a software development kit (SDK) allows Indoor navigation to be enabled in any third-party apps.

    Interact Office for Specifiers

    Enable your clients to effectively and efficiently monitor, manage and optimise their workspaces with Interact Office. Through a future-ready connected lighting system with easy to use, insightful software dashboards, your clients can gain granular insights into how their workspace is operating and being used, allowing them to design, create and manage workspaces to meet their business needs.


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