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    Energy optimization

    Meet sustainability goals and reduce energy costs with data-based insights

    Increasing energy efficiency is a major challenge for anyone with warehousing or manufacturing facilities. Interact Industry lets you monitor energy consumption in all of your facilities and allows you to customize lighting behavior supported by advanced sensoring to maximize energy savings but not at the expense of safety. This puts you in the best position to comply with regulatory standards and meet your sustainability goals.


    Maximize energy savings

    Switching to LED will deliver up to 50% energy savings.  And by adding smart controls, you can save an additional 30%. Use data collected from sensors in the connected lighting to customize lighting behavior based on your operational needs to further reduce energy consumption. 

    Consume less, boost sustainability

    View lighting-based energy consumption across one facility or several sites. Compare sites to benchmark usage and identify opportunities to reduce CO2 emissions.  Use energy reporting to keep track of your sustainability KPIs.

    How Energy optimization works

    Each connected light point reports measured energy consumption to the network. A dashboard visualizes energy consumption data, giving insights into energy consumption per area hourly, daily, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. By combining this information with other data such as presence detection, shift patterns, and worker activity rosters, you can draw conclusions on how to further reduce or optimize lighting energy use.


    With these insights you can also adapt, schedule and customize lighting behavior to fit your operational needs, which can further reduce your energy bill. 

    Interact Industry Energy optimization dashboard

    Secured in the cloud

    Data gathered on occupancy is anonymous and aggregated, protecting the privacy of individual employees. You own the data and can share it with business partners and independent software vendors, either through APIs or by giving access to authorized users.

    Open APIs

    Open, secure APIs enable the sharing of data on energy use with other IT and building management systems.  APIs also enable you to share the energy use data with third parties, who could create additional software apps or services to further improve your business processes.

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