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    Lighting asset management

    Remote management and monitoring of city-wide lighting infrastructure

    Lighting asset management software gives you full visibility into your lighting infrastructure. Automatic fault detection alerts you to issues for quick response and minimal downtime. Data can be used to make informed decisions and optimize lighting performance. Manage lighting-related workflows from an intuitive app and view data from a centralized dashboard.

    Benefits for city managers

    Gain new insights

    Identify opportunities to improve operations and reduce costs with easily generated reports, rich data visualizations and analytics showing how your city’s lighting is performing.

    Simplify operations

    Manage workflows and send accurate work requests to maintenance crews in the field. View status centrally from the Interact City dashboard. 

    Plan and maintain

    Use data to predict when luminaires are approaching end of life and schedule maintenance or proactive replacement.


    With dedicated user roles and fully encrypted data flows, the software meets the highest standards for security. Regular software updates ensure your software is always up-to-date.

    Benefits for lighting operators

    Clear work instructions

    Accurate job instructions are sent directly from the system to field workers, eliminating the potential for false information and misunderstandings. 

    Accurate data 

    Any modifications made in the field are automatically tracked and incorporated, avoiding redundant data streams.

    How Lighting asset management works

    With an intuitive user interface and stringent security standards, Interact City Lighting asset management is scalable to fit your needs and gives you complete visibility and control of your entire lighting system. Individual or group light point control provides flexibility in one platform, with the option to use licensed cellular networks and unlicensed radio frequency communications architectures.

    Secured in the cloud and on premise 

    Information gathered from the Lighting asset management system is stored in an on-premise database or in the cloud. City managers can use this data to further optimize and improve lighting operations. 

    Open APIs

    Open, secure APIs enable the integration of Lighting asset management software with other city management and IT systems or dashboards enabling lighting to be synchronized with other city services or activities. The APIs also enable you to share access to lighting control with approved third parties and software developers who could create additional apps or services to drive innovation in citizen engagement or city operations.

    Featured case study

    Connected street lighting Jakarta

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    Interact City Lighting asset management software supports the implementation of one of the world’s largest connected street lighting systems.

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