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    Interact Office for Specifiers

    A smart and sustainable solution

    Whether you’re an engineer, a lighting designer or an architect, all specifiers can enhance their offering with Interact Office. The scalable and multi-site solution delivers a hassle-free upgrade to your clients’ workspace. Enabling users to optimise space usage through insights into real-time occupancy data, set lighting time schedules and improve employee engagement, well-being and performance.

    What is possible?

    Integration with existing IT systems

    Integrates and communicates with existing IT systems and infrastructure.

    Embedded sensors

    Retrieves and interprets data from sensors as well as other connected devices.

    Open, secure APIs

    Offers open, secure APIs plus a developer sandbox through the Interact Developer Portal.

    Hardware certification

    Certified by Signify to work with any luminaire, lamp or sensor from any brand under the Interact Ready certification programme.
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    System components

    Find out more about enhancing your clients offering with Interact

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