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    Lighting management

    Smart industry lighting made easy

    With Interact Industry Lighting management software, you can take complete control of your lighting in a single warehouse or factory, or across your entire supply chain – from anywhere, at any time. An intuitive dashboard gives you insight into lighting usage and allows you to optimize lighting operations remotely.


    Full flexibility

    You can easily re-configure your lighting to suit and support changes to your workspace layout. Lighting schedules can be pre-set or adapted remotely on an as-needed basis to meet a specific need.

    Integrate with other systems

    APIs allow your connected lighting system to be integrated with third-party applications. Enable synergies between systems and create new features.

    Central control from anywhere

    The cloud-based Lighting management software allows you to monitor and control your industrial lighting from anywhere at any time. View, compare and control multiple areas, buildings or sites.

    How Lighting management works

    Connected LED lighting is part of a wireless network. Data from the luminaires can be collected via the connected lighting infrastructure, stored in the cloud, and visualized on a dashboard accessible from any networked device. The software can also be used to trigger lighting changes or schedules using the connected lighting infrastructure. 
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    Robust security

    With end-to-end identity management for users as well as devices, the system employs best-in-class cybersecurity standards and ensures that only authorized personnel have access to the lighting system. System security checks and updates are automatically applied via the cloud.

    Open APIs

    Open, secure APIs enable the sharing of lighting data with other IT and building management systems to enable these systems to manage lighting schedules or events.  APIs also enable you to share the lighting data with third parties who could create additional software apps or services to further improve your business operations.

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