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    What is Interact

    Interact IoT Platform

    Where data informs your decisions and drives innovation to improve operations and reduce costs. Welcome to Interact - a secure, scalable IoT platform that collects insights from your connected LED lighting, embedded sensors and IoT devices over an IoT-ready connected lighting system.

    Open API enable the lighting software and system architecture to share data back and forth between LED light points, sensors, and the Interact IoT platform.

    The Interact IoT Platform performs millions of data transactions every day using the best processing capabilities available. Enabling you to benefit from cutting edge technologies, big data processing and analytics, and machine learning. The Interact IoT Platform will deliver new insight to help you drive operational efficiencies and take more effective decisions.
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    Interact IoT Platform benefits


    • manages user and device security, authentication, and authorization
    • enables the ingestion, storage, governance and analysis of data
    • powers real-time, historical and predictive analytics
    • generates insights and reports

      Interact will change the way you think about lighting forever.

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    Interact Office

    Turn your office into a smart sustainable workspace with software that allows you to increase building efficiency and employee productivity.  Use data to understand how your office is used and optimize space. Utilize different light settings to facilitate collaboration, improve concentration and energize employees.


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    Interact City

    Make your city smarter and more livable with Interact City. Simple software management tools enable you to improve street lighting, safety and beautify the urban landscape across roads, parks and public spaces. It will also help reduce energy consumption, improve efficiency and support your sustainability goals.


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    Interact Retail

    Differentiate your store experience and improve staff efficiency. Interact Retail software enables you to group, zone and schedule connected lighting to create stopping power. It also supports in-store location-based marketing services to increase shopper engagement and indoor navigation to improve staff productivity.


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    Interact Industry

    Create smarter warehouses, factories and manufacturing to deliver better safety, efficiency and productivity. Interact Industry software gives you real-time data and insights into how your business operates so you can streamline logistics, reduce downtime, optimize order picking and improve traffic flows.


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    Interact Landmark

    Create a unique city identity and increase civic pride with dynamic architectural lighting managed through Interact Landmark software. Manage and trigger light shows to help increase tourism, regenerate downtown areas, and stimulate commerce.


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    Interact Sports

    Future-proof your venue by delivering the best fan experience.  Interact Sports lets you monitor, manage and coordinate all your lighting infrastructure from a single dashboard from pitch lighting, entertainment light shows, hospitality areas and exterior architectural lighting.


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    Interact Pro

    Enjoy perfect light and create a better work place for employees.  Interact Pro is intuitive cloud-based software for small and medium enterprises that automates lighting and allows remote management via the Interact Pro dashboard. Optimize energy usage, gain new insights and even let employees personalize light settings via their own app.


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