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    Space management

    Maximize productivity through an in-depth understanding of space usage

    Streamline order picking and speed up delivery by optimizing your factory or warehouse layout. Interact Industry Space management gathers real-time data via the connected lighting to reveal precisely how areas are used, providing heatmap visualizations to guide inventory strategies and productivity improvements.


    Understand how space is used  

    Gain insight into how your facility is used through occupancy data collected from sensors embedded in the connected lighting system. Understanding space usage will help you make better trade-offs in managing your real estate properties.

    Optimize traffic flows

    Identify patterns across high, medium and low traffic areas, and use this to validate your facility layout and inventory strategy.

    How Space management works

    Motion sensors in the connected lighting system detect changes caused by an object (human being or a forklift truck) in motion.

    The lights turn on in response, while the system senses occupancy status in that space.

    The occupancy data is stored in the cloud, processed, and then visualized as a heatmap on a dashboard. Data can be filtered per timeframe (day and hour) and area type in order to discover patterns of usage in specific areas.
    Space management video

    Secured in the cloud

    Data gathered on occupancy is anonymous and aggregated, protecting the privacy of individual employees. You own the data and can share it with business partners and independent software vendors, either through APIs or by giving access to authorized users.

    Open APIs

    Open, secure APIs enable the sharing of data on occupancy with other IT and building management systems.  APIs also enable you to share the occupancy data with third parties, who could create additional software apps or services to further improve your business processes.

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