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    Lighting asset

    Get smarter with automated lighting maintenance and updates

    Good quality, reliable lighting is essential for continuous operations and safety in industrial facilities. A remote diagnostics dashboard alerts us to faults and outages for immediate response. We can perform preventive maintenance based on real-time performance data, and automatically deploy firmware and software updates.


    Operational uptime

    Plan maintenance tasks and reduce production downtime to keep your business up and running. When you manage your lighting proactively, you save money.

    Occupational safety

    Ensure lighting is working properly and improve safety for your employees by enabling preventive maintenance. Track how many hours a light fixture has been operating and plan its replacement before a problem occurs.

    Stay up to date, automatically

    Never worry about your lighting system becoming obsolete. Firmware and software updates and upgrades can be automatically deployed, meaning you’re always up to date.

    How Lighting asset management works

    LED lighting is connected via a network so that data from the light points can be collected via the connected lighting infrastructure and visualized on a dashboard accessible from any networked device. Connected luminaires automatically locate and commission themselves, ensuring you know the status of each light point. Insights into lifetime information of each luminaire allows you to perform preventive maintenance to replace or repair prior to an outage.

    In case of a failure, a notification is sent to a centralized dashboard, so that action can be taken immediately, improving safety and minimizing downtime. The dashboard provides a visualization of any failures on a floorplan and allows you to filter data based on failure type, meaning the correct action can be taken every time.

    Additionally, firmware and software updates or upgrades can be automatically deployed so your system is always up to date.

    Lighting asset management video


    Open, secure APIs enable the sharing of real-time and historical lighting data with other IT and building management systems to enable these systems to manage lighting schedules or events. APIs also enable you to share the lighting data with third parties who could create additional software apps or services to further improve your business operations.

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