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    Interact Landmark

    Software and IoT platform for building façades, bridges, and monuments

    More and more cities are using lighting to breathe new life into their landmarks at night. Dynamic architectural lighting helps create identity and make public spaces more appealing.

    Interact Landmark brings the power of connected lighting to bridges, monuments, and building façades to create value beyond illumination. Our proven software applications and IoT platform deliver secure, intuitive, state-of-the-art capabilities for architectural lighting. Connected LED luminaires, controls, and applications enable remote monitoring, remote content management, social listening, along with data monitoring, analytics, and alerts to provide deep insights, convenience, and reliable operations.

    Benefits of Interact Landmark

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    Keep your site current with what's happening in your city and the world by changing scenes with impromptu remote content changes
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    Access and control scenes on one site or multiple sites, individually or together.
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    Keep sites running and looking spectacular with automated monitoring and system alerts 
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    Measure and analyze the social impact of installations for deep insight
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    Protect your investments with award-winning, state-of-the-art cybersecurity at every system layer
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    Avoid hassle and enjoy peace of mind with lifecycle services from Signify

    Components of an Interact Landmark system

    Connected luminaires

    Interact Landmark works with all dynamically controllable Color Kinetics and Vaya Series luminaires and power/data devices.


    Interact Landmark works with selected lighting controllers from industry leaders Color Kinetics and Pharos, and offers software applications for remote monitoring (with support for up to four cameras), scene and content management, and measuring the social impact of lighting installations.

    Open APIs

    Open, secure APIs accessible through the Web-based Interact Developer Portal allow system integrators and application developers to extend Interact with new capabilities, and to integrate Interact data and commands with other connected systems.

    Standard networking devices

    Interact Landmark uses a Color Kinetics gateways and industry-standard Ethernet network switches for the monitoring and control network.
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    System components

    Find out more about enhancing your client’s offering with Interact and request access to tender text.

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