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    Enabling the new world of retail, a whitepaper on indoor positioning

    Keeping pace with millennial shoppers


    "Shopping has been transformed by the ‘always on’ culture, with customers constantly connected to their smartphones and social media. Not only are consumers more empowered, but they now have multiple touchpoints with retailers. Many will use the web to orientate themselves before visiting stores and will continue to browse online as they shop.

    With the millennial generation now centre stage and likely to represent 30% of shoppers by 2020 in the US*, ‘digital natives’ have become a core target for retailers.

    To prosper in this new era, brick-and-mortar stores need to combine their physical presence with investment in a seamless online and mobile presence. That’s where lighting can play an important role. In partnership with Philips, it’s possible to create a wall-to-wall indoor positioning system through lighting, which means retailers can use a store app to provide personalized, location-based services.

    *Accenture Outlook, Who are the Millennial shoppers? And what do they really want?, 2013"

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